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Use of Zoom at the TUK

What is zoom and why do we use it?

Zoom is an online video conferencing system from the US company Zoom.

The advantage of Zoom is great stability especially with large numbers of participants.

Due to this stability, Zoom is sometimes used in teaching at the TUK at some events.

Data protection-compliant use of Zoom

The data protection in the unregulated use of Zoom is controversial.

Therefore, RHRK has concluded a contract (licensing) with the company Zoom, in which compliance with the data protection rules according to DSGVO are agreed upon. This is confirmed by the TUK data protection commissioner and the legal department.

The use of Zoom via this data protection-compliant license is done via the page Videoconferences with Zoom.

Some user data (e.g. first name, last name, email address) on to Zoom via Shibboleth.

Please refer to the Information on data protection, especially the section "Data processing when using Zoom".

What are the constraints for the use of Zoom?

  • "The use of Zoom is on a voluntary basis for all participants."
    This means according to the TUK data protection officer:
    "If participants do not want to use zoom, they must not be put at a disadvantage."
  • Due to the voluntary nature of the program, its use in events with compulsory attendance, acceptance, etc. is only possible if there are alternatives without zoom if required.
  • According to the RHRK-Zoom terms of use, other available tools should be used as far as possible.
    "As far as these tools are not suitable to fulfill tasks of the TUK, zoom can be used alternatively and restrictively."

If you as a participant of an event with zoom want to remain anonymous or do not want to use zoom, please use one of the following anonymous or alternative access methods.

Can zoom events be used anonymously as a participant?

To participate in Zoom sessions without revealing your identity to Zoom, there are two possibilities:

Anonymous zoom participation

You can use Zoom in your web browser without any additional software and without registration, as long as the provider has not prevented this. Together with a VPN access (e.g. the TUK) you are very anonymous to Zoom. As a participant, you would have to formally accept the license terms, but you will not suffer any real disadvantages.

Here are the instructions.

Restreaming of the zoom session

The zoom session can be transmitted as a live stream e.g. via the streaming servers of the SCI. This way you as a participant have no direct contact to Zoom and none of your data will be transmitted outside the TUK.

The re-streaming can only be carried out on request by or with the help of the lecturers. If necessary, please contact your lecturers, who can then contact the SCI.

The re-streaming can be realized by the lecturers without much effort.
You only have to enter the access data, which you receive from the SCI, in the zoom configuration and inform the participants about the alternative access.

On re-streaming only passive participation is possible. You cannot actively participate in the discussion. It is therefore only useful for typical frontal events.

Additional questions

If you have any questions regarding data protection in Zoom, please contact